Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Thanksgiving Poem for Him

The holidays are coming and I wish that you were here,
You will be sorely missed at the dinner table this year.
I am very thankful for the years in the past
When we sat at the table together;  those memories will last.
I will eat some turkey and some stuffing for you too,
I only hope a nice hot meal will be waiting there for you.
I hope the locals are thankful to have you there with them,
You’re fighting for their freedom cause their future sure looks grim.
The holidays are tough just knowing you’re far away,
Your empty chair at the table speaks more than I can say.
I give thanks to you for the sacrifice you make,
But missing you for the holidays sure makes my heart ache.
I cannot wait to see you when your time over there is through,
 But for now Happy Thanksgiving; I am very thankful for you.

1 comment:

  1. even though i won't eat it i'm going to make my hubbys favorite ham! it's so hard not having him here....